Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Each Man is an Island" by Father Joseph A. Galdon

We were asked by our English teacher to make a Reaction Paper about the essay entitled "Each Man is an Island"... Here's mine...

When I first heard the essay’s title (Each Man is an Island) what came into my mind were people who live individually without any connection with others. People who let selfishness conquer their hearts and souls. Though it was my first impression, I proved it right after reading the whole text.

It was really about how selfishness strikes every individual and the love that is not shared to others. While reading the first few sentences of the text, I wondered why do these people don’t want to build “bridges” to others? Why do they build these "walls" that none may penetrate? These questions were clearly answered after I read it.

At first, I really didn't get the meaning of the words he used such as “Bridges, Walls, Rocks" etcetera. It took me a really long time in getting the real message of those lines where those words were. After reading it again and again, I finally got what he was trying to convey.

I think, the essay was trying to tell us that building "bridges" or connections to others could help us to live a better life. Love is the only one that we lose when we keep it. One can not simply live without the presence of the "others".

Why can’t we share this love? Selfishness. Selfishness is the main reason. Love isn't a material thing to be kept right? So why not give it? Nothing will be taken away from us if we spread this love. It was said in the story that we hug it to our hearts but never share it with those who are so hungry for it. Do we know that loving the person whom you don’t really know is the greatest?

It was also mentioned that we must not show our love vocally because it is not really expressed with the real love. Instead, we must show it. Action speaks louder than words indeed. Through this, we could let others feel that they really are loved. It is good that he clarified this stuff because I really didn't know that there was a difference between the two. I thought, saying “I Love you and I care for you” is enough.

Well, in my 15 years of existence, I can’t really believe that there are still many things I have and need to learn. Not about our school lesson but more on my spiritual aspect. About Humanity. I am really grateful after reading that wonderful essay by a wonderful priest. He made me realize that even simple things we do and offer for others can really make them very happy. Those things that everyone can but only few did. He made me realized that building those so called “Bridges” to others can expand our relationship with God.


  1. Salamat ng marami!! may isasagot nako sa oral.. ^__^

  2. This story tells us that give love to each other and dont close our helping hand.in needy and subside the selfishness. :)) thanks to the author.